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Subgroup V

Subgroup V: Tunneling Nanotubes: Intercellular Highways, New Frontiers for Deciphering Intercellular Communication in Disease

1:30 – 5:30 pm, Room 108B
Organizer: Emil Lou, University of Minnesota

There has been a steady rise in interest in studying novel cellular extensions and their potential roles in facilitating human diseases. One of the exciting new aspects of this field is improved characterization and understanding of tunneling nanotubes, which are actin-based filamentous protrusions that form and connect cells at long distance. These connections serve as direct conduits for intercellular communication in a wide range of cell types. Recent work has begun to unravel their role in mediating cancer cell invasion and drug resistance, cellular transfer of proteins or cargo that induce neurologic compromise, and even stem cell rescue via cellular transfer of mitochondria following hypoxic injury. This subgroup will bring together leading researchers in this field to discuss work on tunneling nanotubes and the potential implications for human disease.


1:30-1:40 pm- Introduction. Emil Lou, University of Minnesota
1:40-2:10 pm- Tunneling nanotubes: mechanism of formation, structure and role in the spreading of neurodegenerative diseases. Chiara Zurzolo, Institut Pasteur
2:10-2:15 pm- Questions
2:15-2:45 pm- Involvement of tunneling nanotubes in tissue preservation after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in degenerative genetic disorders. Stephanie Cherqui, University of California, San Diego
2:45-2:50 pm- Questions
2:50-3:20 pm- Role of TNT in HIV infection and reactivation. Eliseo Eugenin, Rutgers University, New Jersey
3:20-3:25 pm- Questions
3:25-3:55 pm- The role of Rho-GTPases and actin polymerization in macrophage tunneling nanotube biogenesis. Dianne Cox, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
3:55-4:00 pm- Questions
4:00-4:30 pm- Tunneling nanotubes: the missing link to tumor heterogeneity and emergence of chemoresistance in cancer. Emil Lou, University of Minnesota
4:30-4:35 pm- Questions
4:35-5:05 pm- Intercellular mRNA trafficking via membrane nanotubes in mammalian cells. Gal Haimovich, Weizmann Institute
5:05-5:30 pm- Questions and/or general discussion on TNT biology and new avenues of investigation

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