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Subgroup N

Subgroup N: Building the Cell 2017

1:30 – 5:30 pm, Room 120B
Organizers: Susanne Rafelski, Allen Institute for Cell Science; Steph Weber, McGill University

Modern cell biology has made great strides in understanding cell structure and function. As with any engineering problem, however, there is a third important aspect that needs to be understood besides structure and function, and that is assembly. How are the complex three-dimensional structures found within the cell specified by a one-dimensional genome? In this session we will explore the mechanisms by which cellular structures are determined and regulated. Because this question lies at the interface of biology and physics, this Building the Cell session will be highly interdisciplinary with speakers whose interests range from physics and mathematical modeling to biochemistry and cell biology.


1:30-1:35 pm- Introduction
1:35-1:55 pm- Rewiring the 3D structure of the genome with engineered CRISPR-Cas guide RNAs. Jesse Zalatan, University of Washington
1:55-2:15 pm- Wiring up the synthetic fly. Hernan Garcia, University of California, Berkeley
2:15-2:35 pm- Transcriptional dynamics of single-cell regeneration in the ciliate Stentor coeruleus. Pranidhi Sood, Wallace Marshall lab, University of California, San Francisco
2:352:55 pm- Spatial organization of transcription in fast-growing bacterial cells. Steph Weber, McGill University
2:55-3:15 pm- Phase behavior encoded by multivalent proteins. Rohit Pappu, Washington University
3:15-3:30 pm- Break
3:30-3:50 pm- Mechanisms of LINC complex-dependent mechanotransduction. Gant Luxton, University of Minnesota
3:50-4:10 pm- Microtubule network architecture. Manuel Thery, Hospital St. Louis
4:10-4:30 pm- Mitochondrial anchors: positioning mitochondria and more. Laura Lackner, Northwestern University
4:30-4:50 pm- Cortical stabilization of active RhoA – a novel mechanism for regulating contractility at epithelial adherens junctions. Srikanth Budnar, Alpha Yap lab, University of Queensland
4:50-5:10 pm- Capturing variance: integrating a moving target. Molly Maleckar, Allen Institute for Cell Science
5:10-5:30 pm- From polysaccharide to polyhedron – how plant cells take shape. Anja Geitmann, McGill University

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