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Subgroup I

Subgroup I: The Cell Biology of Organoids

8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Room 108A
Organizers: Jason C. Mills, Washington University; and Xuebiao Yao, University of Science & Technology of China

The Cell Biology of Organoids is a timely topic of relevance to a broad ASCB audience as organoids provide a powerful model system for studying context-dependent cell physiology. The basic cell biology of how cell fate decision and differentiation control is central to understanding metazoan development, the tissue homeostasis, and the cellular plasticity control. However, despite our knowledge of the developmental cues and context-elicited reprograms controlling organoids establishment in vitro, the cell biology of organoids is understudied. Recent advancements in multiplex organelle imaging and high-resolution proteomics combined with establishment of tissue specific engineering in mice enable us to dissect context-dependent cellular dynamics of organoids. Presentations in our session include work addressing how organelle communication, cytoskeletal dynamics, and host-microbe interactions regulate organoids plasticity.


8:30-8:35 am- Introduction. Xuebiao Yao, University of Science & Technology of China
8:35-9:00 am- Organoids help understand cell plasticity and tumorigenesis in the stomach. Jason C. Mills, Washington University School of Medicine
9:00-9:25 am- Modeling colorectal cancer using human pluripotent stem cell derived colonic organoids. Shuibing Chen, Cornell University
9:25-9:50 am- Spectral imaging to unravel the organelle interactome. Alex Valm, University at Albany, State University of New York
9:50 am- Break
10:00-10:25 am- The generation and application of haploid ESCs. Jinsong Li, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences
10:25-10:50 am- Exosome in endometrial organoids. Winston Thompson, Morehouse School of Medicine
10:50-11:15 am- High spatiotemporal resolution imaging of organelles contacts with GI-SIM. Dong Li, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
11:15 -11:40 am- Esophageal cancer 3D organoids: mechanisms to translation. Anil K. Rustgi, University of Pennsylvania
11:40 am-12:05 pm- Delineation of parietal cellular dynamics in gastric organoids. Xing Liu, Anhui Key Laboratory for Cellular Dynamics & Chemical Biology
12:05-12:30 pm- Modeling Microvillus Inclusion Disease with MYO5B knockout mice and enteroids. James R. Goldenring, Vanderbilt University
12:30 pm- Questions and wrap-up

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