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Subgroup E

Subgroup E: Microtubule Motors: Emergent Phenomena and New Paradigms

8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Room 118C
Organizers: William Hancock, Penn State University; Weihong Qiu, Oregon State University

Kinesin and dynein are microtubule-based motor proteins that transform the chemical energy of ATP hydrolysis into mechanical work for a variety of essential processes including transport of intracellular cargo and mitotic spindle assembly. Recent advances have revealed a number of paradigm-shifting discoveries and emergent phenomena, which include but are not limited to i) the discovery of bidirectional kinesins; ii) the discovery of processive kinesin-14 motors; iii) the discovery of non-canonical kinesin activities; and iv) the regulation of intraflagellar transport dynein. This subgroup meeting will provide a cohesive update of these new and exciting developments. Presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion involving all participants and audience members focused on challenges and opportunities in this area.


8:30-8:40 am- Introduction. William Hancock, Penn State University
8:40-9:05 am- Stapling and straightening: the kinesin-5 microtubule polymerase mechanism. William Hancock, Penn State University
9:05-9:30 am- New insights into the bidirectional motility of kinesin-5 motors. Leah Gheber, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
9:30-9:55 am- Ensembles of bidirectional kinesin Cin8 produce additive forces in both directions of movement. Thomas Surrey, The Francis Crick Institute, UK
9:55-10:20 am- Switching on and off the motor activity of intraflagellar transport dynein. Anthony Roberts, University of London
10:20-10:40 am- Break
10:40-11:05 am- Engineering novel processive minus-end-directed kinesin-14 motors. Weihong Qiu, Oregon State University
11:05-11:30 am- Diffusive anchorage of molecular motors allows for adaptive force generation. Stefan Diez, Technische Universität Dresden
11:30-11:55 am- Role of minus-end-directed kinesin-14 motors in mitotic spindle organization. Melissa Gardner, University of Minnesota
11:55 am -12:20 pm- Formation of parallel microtubule networks at microtubule-organizing centers. Maxim Molodtsov, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology
12:20-12:30 pm- Closing & General Discussion

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