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New Technology Launches

Nanoimager, now with Structured Illumination!

ONI is adding SIM and optical sectioning to the Nanoimager. A range of microscopy techniques, including super-resolution and single-molecule microscopy, now accessible for your research.

Introducing the Amersham™ Imager 680

A sensitive, easy–to–use CCD imager designed for publication-quality digital images of gels and blots. Results you can trust. Images you can count on.

Introducing Stericup® Quick Release Filters

Stericup® Quick Release filters offer design updates that optimize user control, streamline filtration, and safeguard your results with the proven performance of Millipore® membranes.

Introducing DeltaVision Ultra!

DeltaVision Ultra is an automated widefield microscope that delivers excellent image quality from an easy-to-use and versatile imaging system.