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Microscopy Workshop

Probing the Spatiotemporal Limits: New Imaging Methods and Molecular Tools and Their Applications in Cell Biology

Tuesday, December 5, 4:40 pm to 7:15 pm

Workshop Description: Recent advances in microscopy and imaging methods have greatly enhanced our ability to probe cellular processes with unparalleled resolution and speed. Likewise, a growing suite of protein-based molecular sensors and probes allow visualization of dynamic molecular changes within cells. In concert, genetically-encoded optogenetic tools allow use of light for control of molecular events with fine spatiotemporal resolution. This workshop will cover a range of new imaging technologies and approaches that push the spatiotemporal limits, improving our abilities to visualize and perturb cell biology.

Schedule (each speaker will have 5 minutes for Q&A):

4:40 pm Introduction
4:45 pm Jeorg Bewersdorf, Co-Organizer
Yale University School of Medicine
Imaging methods ready for prime time in cell biological research.
5:05 pm Shirin Bahmanyar
Yale University

Live-cell STED microscopy reveals dynamic ER structures at the nanoscale.

5:25 pm Gaia Pigino
Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Genetics
Millisecond time resolution correlative light and electron microscopy for dynamic cellular processes
5:45 pm Chandra Tucker, Co-Organizer
University of Colorado Denver
Optogenetic tools to manipulate cellular function.
6:15 pm Klaus Hahn
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Building proteins to peek and poke at GTPase circuits in vivo.
6:45 pm Erik Jorgensen
University of Utah/HHMI
Fast temporal resolution in electron microscopy.