ASCB Rainbow

CRISPR Workshop

CRISPR-based Editing and Tracking the Genome

Monday, December 4, 4:15 pm-6:50 pm

Workshop Description: The discovery of the CRISPR immunity system in eubacteria and archaebacteria was a breakthrough and so was its retooling to operate in eukaryotic cells. Despite excitement about its potential applications in the therapeutic domain, much remains to be done and the technology continues to advance and improve at an extremely rapid pace. This workshop will provide an update with talks from leading innovators of CRISPR technology in the preclinical arena. Three of the talks will present state-of-the-art advances in CRISPR-based gene editing technologies and the fourth will describe how the CRISPR machinery can be repurposed to track the dynamic movements of genomic loci in live cells. Ample time will be provided to allow for audience participation. We welcome all!

J. Keith Joung, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Thoru Pederson, University of Massachusetts Medical School


Feng Zhang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Exploration and Harnessing of CRISPR Diversity for RNA Manipulation
David Liu
Harvard University, MIT, and the Broad Institute
Developments and Applications of Base Editing: Genome Editing Without Double-Stranded DNA Cleavage
J. Keith Joung
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Defining and Minimizing CRISPR-Cas Nucleases’ Off-Target Mutations
Hanhui Ma
University of Massachusetts Medical School
CRISPR-Based DNA Imaging in Living Cells Reveals Cell Cycle-Dependent Chromosome Dynamics