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Subgroup J

Subgroup J: Building a Multiscale, Multidimensional Human Cell Atlas

8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Room 119A
Organizers: Emma Lundberg, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Human Protein Atlas; Richard Conroy, National Institutes of Health; Jonah Cool, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The human body is composed of approximately 40 trillion cells, organized at different scales to create enormous functional diversity. The rapid emergence of technologies for multiplexed and high throughput molecular mapping is driving a deeper understanding of the relationship between molecular profiles, cellular descriptors, and functional measures. The creation of a multiscale, multidimensional atlas will require a massive community effort but provide the framework for understanding cellular functionality across the lifespan and the health-disease continuum. In this session we will discuss international programs that are supporting this community effort and some of the novel imaging approaches that will inform modeling of cellular organization and interactions in tissue environments. There will be discussions with all speakers addressing challenges related to the creation of such a human cell atlas.


8:30-8:35 am- Introduction: What is an atlas and why is it important to build? Emma Lundberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Single Cell Analysis Technologies and Techniques for Building an Atlas
8:35-8:50 am- Highly multiplexed imaging using the CODEX technology. Garry Nolan, Stanford University
8:50-9:05 am- Antibody validation: a cautionary tale and implications for cell atlases. Cecilia Williams, Karolinska Institutet
9:05-9:20 am- Tools for rare cell analysis. Arjun Raj, University of Pennsylvania
9:20-9:35 am- Spatial transcriptomics of the mammalian liver. Shalev Itzkovitz, Weizmann Institute of Science; EMBO Young Investigator Lecture
9:35-9:50 am- A picture is worth a million numbers: The power of single-cell morphological measurements. Shantanu Singh, Broad Institute
9:50-10:05 am- Citizen science and challenges for building reference image datasets. Emma Lundberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
10:05-10:20 am- Building a 4D canonical human cell from quantitative protein imaging data. Jan Ellenberg, EMBL Heidelberg
10:20-10:40 am- Break

Building an International Community
10:40-11:00 am- The Human Cell Atlas. Jonathan Weissman, University of California, San Francisco
11:00-11:20 am- Creating a dynamic, high dimensional stem cell atlas. Rick Horwitz, Allen Institute
11:20-11:50 am- Status of the Human Protein Atlas. Mathias Uhlén, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Panel Discussion with Funders
11:50 am-12:25 pm- Integration of data and deliverables for mapping human cells.
With leaders from: Allen Institute, NIH, HCA, HPA
Funders: Richard Conroy (NIH) – HuBMAP,  Jonah Cool (CZI), and Shannon Hughes (NCI).
Moderator: Jonathan Weissman, University of California, San Francisco

12:25-12:30 pm-  Concluding remarks: integrative endpoint and future perspectives

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