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Career Discussion and Mentoring Roundtable Sign-Up

The Career Discussion and Mentoring Roundtables allow participants to meet informally for discussions on issues of importance to cell biologists in various stages of their careers. The session is an excellent way to disseminate practical information on career choices, discuss strategies for effectively developing a career, and network with others who share career interests and concerns.

Conversations are moderated by individuals who have experience in various professional areas or with particular issues and also benefit from discussion around the table. We need moderators/leaders for these discussions (moderators cannot be undergraduate or graduate students). You can chose up to four topics you are interested in leading (topics listed below). Please note that you must be registered for the meeting in order to sign up.  This application closes on September 24.

The roundtables will be held on Sunday, December 3 and Monday December 4 from 11:00 am-12:00 pm. You will indicate your availability within these times on the sign-up form.


International Scientists
International Postdocs: in the U.S. and Abroad
VISA Issues
Newcomers to U.S. Research Establishments
Career and Funding Options for Non-U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents in the U.S.
Career and Funding Options Abroad
How to Make the Most of the Annual Meeting in the Context of International Attendees

Career Options
Undergraduate Research and Career Opportunities
Careers in Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Industry
Careers in Patent Law & Intellectual Property
Careers in Scientific Writing & Editing
Careers in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics
Careers as a Research Scientist/Academic Professional
Career Choices: Academia vs. Industry
Career Choices: Outside Academia and Industry
Career Choices: Science Policy
Career in Government Labs
Careers in Biology Education

Career Advancement
Tips for Applying to Graduate School
Strategies for Obtaining a Postdoc
IRACDA Teaching and Research Postdoctoral Fellowships
Applying for an Academic Faculty Position
Applying for a Faculty Position at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution
Setting Up and Managing Your First Lab
Funding Options for Academic Research
Teaching and Research in Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
Integrating Research into Undergrad Classroom Lab Experiences
Funding Options for Research at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
Biology Education Research
Improving Your Teaching Practice through a Teaching Mentoring Program
Teaching Tools & Strategies
Achieving Tenure at Different Types of Institutions
Career Transitions
Using Social Media for Public Engagement
Supporting and Increasing Diversity in Undergraduate Science Education
Building and Maintaining Partnerships to Support Science Outreach

Essential Career Skills, Resources, and Support
Interviewing & Negotiation Skill Development
Work/Life Balance
Establishing an Individual Development Plan
Women in Science
LGBTQ+ in Science
Unique Demands on Minority Graduate Students
Thriving as a Student at a Minority Serving Institution
Thriving as a Faculty Member at a Minority Serving Institution
Programs from ASCB’s Minorities Affairs Committee
The National Research Mentoring Network
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